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Affordable Textile established in 2010. We started our Wiping / Cleaning Rags and Towels Textile business about 10 years back from Karachi – Pakistan. Over the years we have expanded our business operations to Australia, U.K, Netherland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Africa, U.A.E and USA.

We manufacture all types of wiping rags, that start from low cost affordable general purpose wiping rags to high quality cleaning rags made from 100% cotton fully absorbent material meeting all international standards. We are also the prominent dealer in Textile Industry that includes Shop Towels, Wash Cloths, Bar Mops, Hand Towels, Kitchen Towels, Bath Towels, Pool Towels, Bathrobes, Gloves, Doctor Suits, Painter Suits, Yellow Dusters & Cotton Waste products.

Our production facility is located in the Karachi city of Pakistan. This unit is spread over 20,000 sq. ft., handles more than 10 million dollar of business annually and provides employment to 150 people.